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Me on the Freedom to Connect

I gave this presentation nearly a month ago... it starts off roughly 1 minute in, but I think you can get the gist. If you so choose...

Calling on the FCC

A Boring Presentation

I dunno who this punk is, but there's about 20 min of him yakking about broadband.

Chris Mitchell - from Geoff Daily on Vimeo.

Recent Publicity

I been a busy duder. Was quoted in a recent MPR story. And I released what we are calling my "opus" around the office.... a big damn report about broadband networks.

Lessig Video: Fixing Congress

Sure it has been 3 weeks since I wrote anything on the blog. I been busy - big report at work, spring sports in photography (and what a spring for it!) and wedding planning.

But I found something well worth watching in its 1 hour entirety: a great presentation by Larry Lessig. If it is too long for you, watch it in chunks of time you would have used reading my ramblings if I were posting any...

He spends a lot of time explaining how we got to where we are technologically. He details some key government interventions preventing bad behavior by companies. And he goes on to explain why the government no longer seems interested in intervening when companies screw us over and basically retard the progress of all people. It isn't _all_ about broadband.

WCCO Interviews a Certain Someone on Broadband

Hop on over to a WCCO story on why US Broadband is slower than peer nations, and you will see me talking on the tele.

The Straight Dope on Broadband in Minnesota

I finally got an opinion piece published in the Star Tribune - In Minnesota, a de facto limit on broadband: Service across the state would be better if there were public competition.

All thoughts and comments appreciated.

Support Network Neutrality

I just wrote to my Congressional Representative Betty McCollum to encourage her to sponsor a bill on Network Neutrality. You can learn more about the issue here as well as how your representatives have acted. If you recognize the benefits of freedom on the Internet (as compared to commercial-dominated FM radio and TV) to be a part of the conversation, you should take a few minutes to act.

The text of my letter is below:

I see the Representative McCollum is not a co-sponsor of the Internet Freedom Preservation Act of 2009 (HR 3458) and I find that a disappointment.

In a time when the Supreme Court has just greatly increased the power of major corporations to shape our government and country, I think we need to preserve freedom from corporate control on the only mass communications medium they do not currently dominate (compare to TV, radio).

Network Neutrality is, at best, a flawed approach to preserving freedom on the Internet but it is the best option Congress has today. Network Neutrality is necessary to prevent major companies from becoming gatekeepers to content.

Comcast is already the only real option for Internet in your district (Qwest is pathetically slow by comparison) - if they are able to exert even more control over how people use the Internet, nothing good will result.

Thank you for your time.

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