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I Remember Why G W Bush Was Elected in 2000

F the Dems. It has taken me almost 8 months now to remember why I couldn't care less whether Al Gore beat Bush back in 2000. Last year, it was more difficult to remember owing to the havoc the fiscally irresponsible Republicans wreaked on the economy and the stupid war they drug us into.

But now I remember - it was because the Democrats are incapable of getting things done. I was getting frustrated, but this week knocked me over the edge when it started to become clear that the Dems are going to fuck up health care reform (not because the Republicans put the wants of the rich above the desires of the rest of us, but because the Dems cannot keep their own members in line).

Then I saw that some so-called Blue-Dog Dems are spreading some shit about how they aren't sure whether they will vote on Sotomayor. Are you serious? This is such incredible bullshit. Sotomayor is about as centrist as you can get - Obama had no hope of actually pushing a progressive onto the court.

On the stimulus, they caved and gutted the package by making it half tax-cut based to get 3 frigging Republicans to sign onto it. Great - that was worth it. Let's slow the recovery so the President can have the high ground of reaching out to Republicans who overwhelmingly refuse to reach back. Fuck, the mullahs of Iran are probably more willing to work with Obama than the fucking Christian Mullahs of Alabama or Georgia.

Having the Dems in power makes me feel like I am watching a retarded child get slowly tortured to death by a posse of sadist preachers who insists it is all part of God's plan.

The only solace I have is hoping that things have always been this fucked up and we tend to forget just how bad everything was. The Republicans certainly have no conception of history - they revere Reagan, a man who would be crucified by his own party today because of his socialist tax policies and willingness to talk to our enemies. I wonder if Jesus and Reagan are watching this shit while swearing and scarfing jelly beans.

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