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Metro Helicopter Tour

After Michelle and I got married, my parents gifted us with a helicopter ride! So in the fall, we took the ride and flew over the metro area, which had incredibly high water levels. Full gallery is here.


St Paul

Us in front of heli

Celebrating Cookie Day

Continuing the long Mitchell tradition of getting together and baking cookies from morning to evening, it was Cookie Day 2010 (full gallery)!

Mitchell Cookie Day

Mitchell Cookie Day

TnT Cheer Station, Staffed by Loonies

The Team n Training Cheer Station during the Twin Cities Marathon at Snelling Avenue. small gallery here.


Christmas Photos 2009

Finally. an old photo gallery is finally posted.

Christmas Photo

Posting Photos: 2009 Cookie Day

Photos from the 2009 Mitchell cookie day!

Buster the Golden Retriever

Dog Videos

Banjo Plays with Buster

Thanks to daddYman for breaking out the camera when Banjo and Buster did some playing. Nice to see Banjo play without attacking.

Married! With Photos

Michelle and I were officially wed on Saturday, June 26. We had an amazing time, thanks to our friends and family. Michelle and Kim's work planning it and creating the decorations really paid off.

I went through the photos that were taken with my cameras (almost all by Perry - thanks!) and posted a few on Flickr for people to enjoy while we do a more serious editing.


Doggy Photos - September 2009

I finally created a gallery of the dog photos I recently posted to Flickr. Photos from my parents house last September.




Photos: June Tubing up North

More finishing photos - these are from a great day tubing at Miller Bay off Leech Lake up north close to Michelle's family. Some of my favorites:




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