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Future of Cities and Cars

As cars are automated and no longer require drivers, the impact on cities will be significant. Not just because of congestion in the streets, but by freeing up a ton of space currently wasted on parking. The implications are fascinating... and discussed in this Mother Jones article.

A Different Perspective on Schools and Education

If nothing else, the anecdote that starts this article in Mother Jones is fascinating. The article is "Everything you've heard about Failing Schools is Wrong."

Education and teaching is very complicated and for years I have wondered if we are getting better or worse at evaluating teachers.

Science Done Poorly

Those of us who regularly defend science and get pissed at those who don't understand science should beware the pitfalls of _bad_ science. As in, when big pharma is perverting science in the holier name of profits. Mother Jones has an article that hits close to home -- the University of Minnesota's dark side.

Update: I encourage readers to also see my medical "science." post.

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