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Innovative Video and Catchy Song

Call Me Maybe Mashup Heaven

This has been a great morning. I was listening to the Slate Cultural Gabfest podcast when they played the possible "hit of the summer" song, Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen.

I was hooked. The video is even better and has an amazing twist at the end.

Apparently, fellow Canadian Bieber (Carly comes from the great northern maple leaf nation as well) was inspired to do a lipsync to it, which is maybe this one? I gotta actually do some work soon and can't spend any more time watching these videos just now.

But Slate also mentioned that NPR personalities did a dramatic reading of the song and I had to listen. Well worth it - after listening you should make a contribution to your local station because these people are hilarious.

Finding that led me to an NPR video of Lady Gaga's Telephone song.

Seriously, support public radio.

And go buy Carly Rae Jepsen's song - it is a great song for any day with blue skies.

Update - Jimmy Fallon is awesome.

Then came "Call me Gaybe" - watching these videos popping up makes me so excited for how the Internet allows this creativity and that we are moving toward a society where we aren't wasting time on hating on gays, blacks, etc.

Then the dogs got into it...

U2 Photos

I have posted some of my favorite photos from when I shot the U2 concert at TCF Stadium in Minneapolis last weekend. You can view them here. I encourage you to join Google Plus to stay up to date on my photos and such as I post there more often than here. If you don't know how, feel free to email me.

I have some more processing to do, but I am fairly pleased with the photos I took thus far.

U2 at TCF Stadium in Minneapolis - Let it rain!

Pink Floyd Stays Alive in Mashup

OK GO Rube Goldberg Machine and Making Of

If you haven't seen this video, check it out:

And if you have seen that video, check out this video describing how it was done:

In a different interview, I saw that the video production folks did end up making the video with two takes - the upstairs was one take that was combined with a different downstairs take. In both takes, the machine worked properly but the camera work was better upstairs and downstairs in different takes.

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