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Keep Fighting, Mac

A bunch of Mac alums are making videos to offer some hope to Mac students, many of whom represent groups that the Trump Administration is likely to target in harming their civil rights and perhaps even more scary - could be targets of the many white supremacist, anti-LGBT, misogynist groups that feel newly emboldened.

Goooood Moooooorning Jackson!

Interview with a Very Famous Person

This guy has got it together!

Innovative Video and Catchy Song

Freezing Boiling Water in our Backyard

A Failure of Our Republic

This video is worth watching through the end. It describes a problem that is all but ignored but nearly everyone, most especially policymakers.

This is a failure of our republic, which has been captured by massive corporations and shapes policies to further enrich a few at the expense of many.

Two books that address aspects of this that I recommend are Republic, Lost, and The Fine Print. Please buy them from a local bookstore if you can - supporting massive companies like Amazon or Walmart are a big part of the reason our economy is in the state it is.

An interview with David Kay Johnston about his book, The Fine Print, is below:

We can fix this, but first we have to recognize the source of the problem -- our government is not working for us, it is working for those who can cut it checks with 5, 6, 7, or more zeros at then end of them.

Baby Eagles Hatching

This is so cool - a video feed of an Eagle nest in Iowa where the babies will be hatching any time now.

The famous eagle family of Decorah Iowa is expecting its first newcomer of 2012 any moment now. The nest has three eggs, and each eaglet will spend 12 to 38 hours emerging from its shell.

I've had it on in the background in my office to check in from time to time.

Streaming Live by Ustream

Bert and Ernie Navigating


And as a bonus...

Harrison Ford: Backstory

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