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Andrea and John Wedding - Mitchell Highlights

Last summer, we converged on Pennsylvania to see Andrea and John get married... and we goofed off a bit. Full gallery here.





Gallery: PA and NJ for Autumn - James Wedding

We flew out to Pennsylvania to visit family and celebrate the wedding of our friends Autumn and James. Photo gallery is here.

Someone in James' family was freaking out that James was in the front of the canoe...

We stopped by a stunning overlook. This is Jersey???

Despite my best efforts, Kimmi completed the trip...

Michelle was beautiful, per usual

Married! With Photos

Michelle and I were officially wed on Saturday, June 26. We had an amazing time, thanks to our friends and family. Michelle and Kim's work planning it and creating the decorations really paid off.

I went through the photos that were taken with my cameras (almost all by Perry - thanks!) and posted a few on Flickr for people to enjoy while we do a more serious editing.


The Big Day Arrives

Today is our wedding. Michelle and I are very excited, ironing out the final details. In a few minutes, we will head to the space to start setup.

By 1:30, everything should be more or less in place, with me and close friends at a sports bar near the space, watching the USA rock Ghana. After that game, we will do final decorations, set up the electronics, don our suits, and Michelle and I will tie the knot.

For all those who could not make it, we are thinking of you and are grateful for your kind notes, gifts, and cards. (Bruce Springsteen's Radio Nowhere just came on and I got energized and started dancing with Michelle a little).

Thank you to everyone that has helped out - this is incredible. Kimmi has welcomed Michelle to the family.

Save the Date, Yo

Hey all, Michelle and I have committed to a date for our commitment. Well, wedding, but I was on a committing role. So be available on June 26, 2010 (a Saturday) and plan to be in the Saint Paul, Minnesota area. Maybe you'll get an invite (when we send them in a few months) ... if you don't hear anything, feel free to beg for an invite.

Best. Wedding. Ever.

Ingenious! Not for me, but I would have loved to have been there!

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