seeking knowledge and laughter, putting a bullseye on inaccuracy


As you may be able to tell from my blog, I am a guy - young thirties - who questions much of what passes for common sense. Though I may appear to lean left, I actually harbor deep suspicions for both the traditional right and left. Like many activists, I am more easily defined by what I am opposed to, than by what I support. That is changing, but slowly. What doesn't change is that I respect honesty, honor, and courage.

Until recently, I worked in a used bookstore in St. Paul, Minnesota. I completed a Master's of Public Policy Degree at the Humphrey Institute at the University of Minnesota (go Gophers). I also shoot sports photography for Macalester College and the U of M (and others when they pay me). When not working, I hit up the rock climbing gym, my bicycle, or a book. Used to play soccer (among other sports) but my ankle decided to develop a horrific defect which apparently will keep me from ever running again. I'm still trying to be active - and my blog reflects that.

There are a few oddities about me in which you might be interested to help make sense of my comments. I have never used alcohol, tobacco, or illegal drugs. I can't explain why I haven't (or maybe I just won't). Those around me have used most of 'em. I'm not interested in forcing others to act as I do - I'm no prohibitionist. I refuse to be serious about most everything. I see humor in much of everything - and having read up a bit on Eastern Philosophy, I no longer think that is a problem.