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Blue Skies

Woke up this morning to Blue Skies. Blue blue blue blue. And white puffy clouds. Very cool. Then went running with Walchka - I hate that kid. Introduced me to the wonderful world of interval training. Run 800 meters, walk 400, repeat until unconscious.

Seriously though - the temperature is nice. A little sweaty - and it is most definitely NOT a dry heat - too much ocean for that.

We didn't make it to the Volcano last night due to adverse viewing conditions. Something about not wanted to have to breathe the sulfuric acid that occurs when rain strikes the lava flow. Sometime this week we will get there though.

Made some other observations along the way yesterday.

The Big Island has yellow street lamps. It is an odd sight - being used to white street lights. The reason is because there is a major astronomy station up the local mountain and white lights would upset their ability to find E.T. (and stop him from making all those collect calls).

Yesterday we went to a cool little area where a river comes down some falls and then washes out to the ocean. There was a rope swing on which we took turns flailing out into the middle of the river. Got some good photos I hope - won't know for awhile =). Gotta go digital for my instant gratification.

I am now reading Stephen King's Everything's Eventual. Found a cool quote that I really like:

It occurred to Fletcher that in the end, there might only be one way to tell the thugs from the patriots: when they saw their own death rising in your eyes like water, patriots made speeches. The thugs, on the other hand, gave you the number of their Swiss bank account and offered to put you on-line.

I'm not sure how much I will be able to write in the next couple of days - we are moving from the Lesnett's house in Hilo to a lagoon house in the small community of Kapoho, further south.

I also don't know if I will be renting a bike after all. I would like to - but there isn't really anyone to bike with and the weather looks pretty lame for biking. This might be our only clear day this week. Don't know that I want to drop a lot of bank to bike alone in the rain - especially on streets which have very few marked bike lanes.



8O You best not be taking stitch in the rain! He should go running with you too! Maybe he can work off his tummy! :P

The "cool little area where a river comes down some falls and then washes out to the ocean" is called Kolekole Beach Park. =)