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Coming Around

Macalester Women defeated the Augsburg women in a soccer match today, 4-1. Go MAC! Mac heavily dominated from the start, but fell early from a break-away goal. They came back, peppering the keeper and finally put a enough away to decisively win.

I learned at an early age (from the Karate Kid) that what goes around, comes around. So I was more or less waiting for Bush's lies regarding his National Guard stint to be exposed. Let's see - if you don't know already, Bush was AWOL when he was supposed to be serving in the Air National Guard. People have been trying to prove this definitively for years. Some people went so far as to offer a reward to anyone who can verify Bush served. No one has cashed in yet.

Today, the Boston Globe explained why. "Bush fell well short of meeting his military obligation." So I assume we will soon be seeing a copy of the Swift Boat ads - only in reverse. Bush and his pals have some serious arrogance issues (and intelligence issues as well) if they honestly thought it was a good move to attack Kerry's record during 'Nam.

At this point it is clear that Bush did not face his already reduced responsibilities during the Vietnam War and that those who oversaw him chose to push him through rather than buck the system.

So these items today cheered me up a bit after being bedridden yesterday. I watched a fair amount of Fox News yesterday since I was already filling ill. Saw that Fox had 3 economists on who claimed that the stock market was afraid of a Kerry presidency. Supposedly, the market takes a dive whenever Kerry gains ground in polls. Fox News seems to be the only "news" agency which has noticed this trend.

Similarly, Fox is started to write off Kerry's chances of being elected because he is down in the polls. Being "Fair and Balanced," I'm sure they are not reporting this in order to effect the race in any way.

I realize that many of my posts lately have been anti-Bush. Of course, I am anti-Bush. The man represents the worst wing of the Republican party - giving everything away to corporate interests while giving Ashcroft free reign to rewrite the Constitution. My dislike of Bush comes mostly from my confusion at why so many Americans, especially those who are worse off now than during Clinton, so strongly support him.

I think a lot of his base support comes from people who are religiously motivated and evangelical in nature. These are people who have no respect for the separation of Church and State. But there are so many others who support Bush too. They think they are getting more money back on their taxes, but I have to wonder if they really are. It isn't like I can ask them to see their returns for my own little study.

I wonder if they just want to believe so badly in Bush's rhetoric that they ignore his distortions. Dunno - but this article reviews a book that I really enjoyed and strongly recommend. I also recommend reading this review although I haven't read the report yet, I am waiting for it to come into my store so I can buy it.


I don't think you should be adding to the attacks on Bush's military service. I think and believe that Bush was making a statement about US foreign policy. His conscientious objection to American presence in Vietnam was obviously his reason for skipping out on duty. Besides, I hear the circus was in town those weekends, and you know how much he likes to follow the elephants around.