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God is an Iron

If you don't get the title, you need to read Spider Robinson.

This is kind of an old story, but I cannot pass up such poetic justice - especially when dealing with hypocritical California Democrats. Representative Jane Harman sold out the Constitution (in multiple ways) and it bit her in the ass. Jon Stewart's take is my favorite so far.

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For some more analysis and a discussion on how she is trying to salvage herself, click on over to Mother Jones.

While you are there, Mother Jones has another serving of irony for you - explaining how the "far right" handed Democrats a 60 seat majority. Rather than "far right," I think I would describe them as idiot-faux-Christian-fundamentalists. These people can't lay claim to being actual idiot-Christian-fundamentalists because they don't actually know anything about the Bible, they just know a few soundbites and how to use them to manipulate millions of people across the United States.

These are some of the reasons I am an optimist. Those who abuse power empower those who resist them. Or, in Newtonian terms, things that go up come back down.