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Health Care Disconnects

Tried to attend a town hall forum in Saint Paul today with my Rep, Betty McCollum at Macalester's chapel. It holds 400 people. I was about 15 people back in one of the three lines for residents when they ran out of tickets. Stuck around to listen to it for a bit anyone (on loudspeaker). Ran into Sarah Humpage, a friend from Mac and HHH, so it was extra worth going.

Some fun observations:

  • Ironic to see wildly obese man booing health care reform. Seriously short sighted...
  • Small business owner dude goes on and on about how there is too much government and we need less government... oh and there should be health care portability, so when you leave your job, you can take health care with you. Ironically, this would require.... government regulation! Anyone for a LESS GOVERNMENT - MORE REGULATION cheer?
  • Conservatives want to achieve universal health care with tax breaks for poor people. Poor people can't USE tax breaks because they don't have enough income!!! Perhaps we should solve the problem of quadriplegic mobility by buying them standard transmission cars.
  • People railing against the public option idea because the government probably wouldn't cover 'x' ... it's an OPTION! Don't freaking use it if you don't think it will cover your shit. Look up "option" in the dictionary.


Obama weaseling

Based on what I heard yesterday - Obama may be giving the store to Olympia Snowe to get her support - it might be time to urge our Congress Critters to vote NO on health care deform.