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Jesus and Jihad

One of the benefits of staying at my parents place, other than getting to play with the mutts, is (sudddenly Buster bursts into barking, reminding me of the flip side of his coin) the amount of interesting things to read. Andrea found a great column in an older Liberal Opinion Weekly.

Entitled "Jesus and Jihad" by Nicholas D. Kristof, it ran in the New York Times. It basically talks about the Left Behind series of evangelical thrillers and places them in an interesting context. These books have sold over 67 million copies worldwide last time I checked. I have read the first one and listented to 1-3 on books on CD. Adam and I listen to them on road trips because they are so entertaining - in a poorly written, omigod-can-you-imagine-someone-believing-this-load-of-tripe way.

At any rate, if you have ever wondered why Islam produces such hate (and I'm not suggesting it does, mind you ... I'm just asking if you have wondered that given the attitudes of so many Americans) then please, please read this short article.

In other news, I had hoped to have Hawaii photos live, but they aren't. Soon!


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