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Land of Awnings

I have yet to see the sun in Hawaii. Woke up to an overcast / rainy morning. It rains 300 days a year here in Hilo on the Big Island. Rainiest city in the country I hear. If it stays rainy, we will spend more time on the other side of the island which is the side people must think about when they think HAWAII.

Somewhat ironic that I spent 5 days in the Pacific Northwest and saw nothing but blue skies - and they were quite blue - and 2 days in Hawaii with nothing but low clouds.

Went for a run this morning with Walchka - 4 miler although I had to walk for 500 yards - 2 miles up hill is tough going. Noticed a few interesting things though.

There are many pretty houses - all have carports and garages. It is rare to see a window in a house that is not sheltered by the rain. Lots of cool landscaping. I hear that the area we are staying is economically depressed, so I will be interested to see more of the island - especially Kona on the far side.

The house we are staying in has solar water heating - quite efficient as the sun is quite powerful here in the southernmost state.

Tonight it looks like we'll be going to see the Volcano which was supposedly erupting last week. I hope Walchka doesn't push me in. Hoping to find a place to rent a bike today too - guess I should make sure it comes with rims.