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On to Lynden

Vacation is upon me...departed Tuesday night from St Paul on the amtrak and arrived in Seattle Thursday morning. Second time on the Empire Builder route - I still like it. Saw a little black bear wandering the tracks by Glacier National Park - looking for a freight to hop perhaps.

In Seattle I realized that all Greyhound stations are built to hold 1/3 as many people as will be inside during non-rush hours. Seriously - I have yet to have a bad experience on a greyhound bus. All bad experiences occur waiting to board.

Met some cool folks aboard, one from my little corner of St Paul and who had a lake house just south of Andrea's (my girl-friend) hometown. He helped us figure out what bus was right for us.

Then on to Lynden - just south of Canada border near Bellingham Washington. Nice place, good ice cream. Time for some sleep soon after nearly 48 hours of travel.