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Mt Baker is HUGE

Wow. Aunt Dawn took Andrea and I up to Mt Baker today. It was mid 70's and Andrea got to go sledding! Still got lots of ice at 5000 feet at a peak near Mt Baker in Cascade mountain rage. Got some photos, but none with a digital camera. Apparently snow is common around these glaciers - who knew?

Had a good day - got up and ran which justified a trip to the local Dutch Bakery which Dawn insists is the best. Can't argue there. From there, went to Mt Baker and a good restaraunt in Glacier - the city at the base of the approach.

Other fun things: read a few books in the past couple of days. Ishmael by Daniel Quinn was excellent. Read that, then read the Story of B. Fever Pitch by Nick Hornby sucked unless you want a history of Arsenal futbol over the past 30 years. I didn't. Life of Pi by Yann Martel was excellent until the ending which blew. So a little bit of everything in there.