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No More Pawlenty on the Daily Show

I'm so sick and tired of watching Pawlenty come on the Daily Show and spout some bullshit that Jon mostly lets him get away with and come off as some sort of moderate Republican (like he used to be). He was on last night, but I'm not going to link to it because I wouldn't encourage anyone to waste their time watching it.

Throughout the interview he is either incapable or unwilling to understand any of Jon's questions and refuses to answer them. At times I'm not sure if he is just too stupid to understand Stewart's nuance or if Pawlenty just had a script in his mind before the show from which he refused to deviate.

Jon does not want to discuss the AZ shooting at all and makes no effort to blame it on Republican rhetoric. Instead, he asks if Republican rhetoric is totally divorced from reality irrespective of whether it does or does not lead to real violence.

Pawlenty refuses to answer the question, saying the left was angry at Bush.

Stewart asks why Pawlenty thinks the government is too big under Obama when he supported massive government expansions under Bush - as with No Child Left Behind and the Medicaid expansion.

Pawlenty ignores the question and then comes back to say that government is just trying to do too much -- which fundamentally validates Stewart's point: Republicans grow government when in power and decry it when the Dems do it all the while refusing to come to terms with their actions. Here is Pawlenty saying that yes, he supported the massive growth of government under Bush but now the size of that government -- that his party grew -- is just too big. But there is no suggestion from Pawlenty that he even recognizes this rhetorical dilemma because he is so focused on his run for the Presidency.

As someone who once thought Pawlenty was a decent Governor, I really really hate the spineless asshole he has become. He cares nothing for what is the best policy in his bid for more personal power.