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Religion Thoughts

For the most part, the world's religions are strongest in those areas where people are poor, uneducated, without hope for a decent future, and influenced by the vision of the wonderful afterlife thta all the orthodoxies give promise to.

from an article called "Perhaps, My Swan Song" David Koven in Social Anarchism issue 39 in 2006.

Nonetheless, I think it wise to be familiar with religion - or at least catch phrases. One of the things I respect about daddYman is that though he is strongly opposed to Christianity as practiced in America, he also knows the Bible. This fascinating clip from NPR's On the Media suggests many of the folks at the NY Times don't know the Bible. Pretty hilarious, really.

I have yet to fully read the Bible, but I have read large parts of it and I find it quite handy in talking to people and understanding their thought process. Such knowledge is important in these United States - where so many claim to be inspired by an internally contradictory book from which they can find passages to justify damn near anything.


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Your first quote is probably true, but it does not explain why we, here in the good ol' U S of A are such a bastion of religious lunacy. We are not poor, not ... er, OK, so the uneducated part may help explain it.