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The Straight Dope on Broadband in Minnesota

I finally got an opinion piece published in the Star Tribune - In Minnesota, a de facto limit on broadband: Service across the state would be better if there were public competition.

All thoughts and comments appreciated.


Nice piece

It strikes me that these two paragraphs are reversed, or at least need to be restructured.

It takes a 65 percent supermajority in a referendum for a community to operate its own network.

Minnesota has one of the oldest obstacles to community networks. As a result of a law passed in 1915, a community must achieve a 65 percent supermajority on a referendum to operate a "telephone exchange." In the modern age, virtually all fiber-optic networks offer "triple-play" services (telephone, broadband and television) to generate the revenues needed to pay the debt of building the network.

Indeed - editing

Thanks - I agree with your comment, which is why I never would have written it that way. You can thank the editors of the Strib for incoherence. I'll soon post my original copy at