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Terrorists in American Prisons - OK by me

Fred Kaplan has a great piece in Slate rationally explaining why those opposed to bringing terrorists from Guantanamo to U.S. prisons are wrong. This is a short piece and an important one - not only do we already have terrorists in our prisons, but we became responsible for them when the Bush/Cheney Administration created their ignorant policies.

There's something distasteful about the whole debate. The critics of transferring Gitmo prisoners to the United States are the same people who call on the Afghan and Pakistani leaders to crack down, at some risk, on their homegrown insurgents more fervently—and the same people who barely take notice when our armed drones mistakenly kill civilians in the crossfire of the war on terror.

But when decency requires that we take measures that appear to involve a little extra risk, they turn frantically parochial and refuse. And in this case, the measures required don't really involve risk—only responsibility. Surely they know that prisons are one thing that America does really well. Exactly what are the critics afraid of?


The Repugnants new motto


And the Democrats, once again, fall all over themselves surrendering. Sometimes I think of the Dems when I hear those old jokes about the French skills at surrendering to Germans.