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To Those Opposed to Health Care Reform ...

Fuck you, you fucking fucker fucknutses.

I just got a letter rejecting my third appeal to the faceless medical insurance company that exists to take my money and use it to hire people that deny claims. Give me my fucking government bureaucracy - which will at least be accountable via the democratic process.

Last year, I had a procedure to alleviate my severe ankle pains. They were recommended by my doctor - an orthopedic ankle specialist that the University uses on its athletes - someone who knows his shit. Turns out that this procedure is considered to be investigatory or experimental by my insurance company - which is convenient because they don't cover things that are experimental.

My doctor scoffs at the idea that it is experimental, pointing me to many studies showing its effectiveness. He then notes that he cannot be responsible for knowing what different insurance companies cover - there are too many policies and some cover it, some don't, blah blah blah. Of course, many of them only cover it after a number of appeals. Looks like mine company - Medica - never does. Well fuck them. I look forward to a government option so I can stop wasting the money I currently send to a company that doesn't cover the shit I need covered.

I'm sure its great that they cover Viagra - I just wish it was my dick that was broken rather than my freaking joints. The next time I have horrible ankle pains, I'll be gritting through them on fucking ibuprofen because I'll still be paying off the previous treatments.

The American health care system is a fucking joke and those that want to scare-monger about how it would be horrible if we had a fucking choice between health care insurers can eat a bag of dicks.

Update: - Crooks & Liars has some good health care coverage, including this clip.