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TNR on Health Care

A long, but productive day leaves me tired. So I'm going to encourage you to read an old article from The New Republic that discusses the health care system - how we got here and what we should do about it. Highly recommended. Hell, I may have already blogged it, but here goes.

In the absence of further government intervention, the insurance system deteriorated. The result is the situation we have today. At any one time, according to the most recent census figures, about 46 million people, or roughly 15 percent of Americans, have no health insurance. Conservatives note that this is just a snapshot in time, that very few people actually lack insurance for the entire year. But the fact that people are constantly moving in and out of coverage is not a sign of our health care system's strength; it's a sign of its weakness. Another way to look at the numbers is that, over the course of a two-year period, more than one-fourth of the population will go without health insurance for some time.