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WCCO Interviews a Certain Someone on Broadband

Hop on over to a WCCO story on why US Broadband is slower than peer nations, and you will see me talking on the tele.


Lookin' Good

Dude - a star is bourne. hehehehehehehehe

Suggest you keep your hands out of your pockets when on camera. Look at any one on camera - hands hanging down.

Nicely done, sir.

Congrats on your star-turn on WCCO. You totally looked like you knew what you were talking about.

Pocket pool is cool, but you

Pocket pool is cool, but you might want to try a different style bowl for your next haircut. I free-hand mine, at the cost of a certain lack of attention to the back-end. No matter, it just gives me more time to watch the spinning arrow on my downloads. :)