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Now that is just funny

Kia Hamsters

Since Michelle and I don't watch TV shows live, we don't learn about the occasional good ad... so maybe this is old for you. But for us, it is hilarious.

Dog Videos

8bit Video

A Year of Living Biblically

Funny 20 minute presentation that explores some of the ways in which it is impossible to take the Bible literally. Everyone picks and chooses what they feel is important.

Palin and the Fifty States

After Sherlock Holmes, This Was Inevitable

OK GO Rube Goldberg Machine and Making Of

If you haven't seen this video, check it out:

And if you have seen that video, check out this video describing how it was done:

In a different interview, I saw that the video production folks did end up making the video with two takes - the upstairs was one take that was combined with a different downstairs take. In both takes, the machine worked properly but the camera work was better upstairs and downstairs in different takes.

Techno Sheep

Hilarious - hat tip to Bjorn.

Responding to Sexist Commercials

Remember that Dodge Charger commercial in the Superbowl that portrayed men as totally emasculated by the women in their lives, only to assert their manhood by driving a friggin' Dodge?? Well, this is why I love freedom of speech - the best response to stupid ads like that is to create a spoof.

Pacman v. Mario

Thanks to daddYman for pointing this one out.

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