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Now that is just funny

Take a Lesson, Jesus

Well worth a watch - a modern day Christian goes back in time to talk with Jesus and his followers.

There's a Nut for That

Great Segment on the Race Card

This got me laughing out loud - really well produced. I'm trying to get in the habit of posting again - when you are out of the habit, it is hard to get back in. Also trying to finish some home projects...

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Playing the Race Card
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A New Ride for Buster?

Best. Wedding. Ever.

Ingenious! Not for me, but I would have loved to have been there!

United Breaks Guitars

Story goes like this: a musician sees United baggage throwers putting the hurt on his stuff. He complains and the staff are like "blah." He finds that the guitar was broken by them and seeks compensation. He gets the runaround big time and is politely told to F off. He writes song and makes video that goes viral ... United contacts him, apparently makes good on compensation finally, and is actually using the song and video in training.

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