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Tubing Weekend

Spent the weekend at Michelle's parents with Kimmi, Michelle, Garbe, and the dogs. Spent some time on Leech Lake with John's boat and the rest relaxing with Michelle's parents. It was a great weekend, here are a couple of fun photos from it.




Kimmi Goes to Retro Prom

Kimmi and Becca went to a Leukemia and Lymphoma Society fundraiser - a retro prom dance. Photo gallery of their pre-prom prep.


Colbert's Unexpected Guest

Colbert interviews General Odierno in Iraq - his show is in Iraq all week. Hilarious - especially his unexpected guest toward the end of the interview.

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Talking to our Enemies

I realize that I may be wasting my time by responding to Fox News pundits as though they were making an argument in good faith. Fox News, being an organ of the Republic Party (as opposed to the conservative movement), will attack anyone for any reason if they are deemed fair game (not unlike the Wahhabi terrorist lovers in Saudi Arabia) and therefore seldom makes an argument in good faith.

Nonetheless, responding to them can be a "teaching moment." I have often heard conservatives lamenting the supposedly liberal media coverage of war. A typical rhetorical question is what would have happened if CNN was at D-Day? Would their coverage have soured the U.S. popular opinion on the war? This is a legitimate question. However, toward the end of this clip, Jon asks the same question of them - what if Fox News was there to attack Reagan for talking to the Soviets?

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Meeting Fiction with Fiction

I have long felt that we need to take care in responding to the delusions of people we disagree with. Take, for instance, the crazy idea that we should not transfer prisoners from Guantanamo to the US because they will break out and kill us all. One response would be to point out that we already house many more dangerous prisoners than these supposed super terrorists and that no one has escaped from a Supermax prison.

That would be one approach. However, I think a more poetic, and perhaps appropriate approach would be to response to these fears with something that those harboring the fears can respond to: fiction. These people already get the majority of their information from television shows like 24, right? Logic need not apply.

Good news from Vagabond Scholar, which I found via Schneier on Security:

Seeking to quell fears of terrorists somehow breaking out of America's top-security prisons and wreaking havoc on the defenseless heartland, President Barack Obama moved quickly to announce an Anti-Terrorist Strike Force headed by veteran counterterrorism agent Jack Bauer and mutant superhero Wolverine. Already dubbed a "dream team," their appointment is seen by experts as a crucial step in reducing the mounting incidents of national conservatives and congressional Democrats crapping their pants.

"I believe a fictional threat is best met with decisive fictional force," explained President Obama. "Jack Bauer and Wolverine are among the very best we have when in comes to combating fantasy foes." Mr. Bauer said, "We're quite certain that our prisons are secure. Osama bin Laden and his agents wouldn't dare attempt a break-out, and would fail miserably if they tried. But I love this country. And should Lex Luthor, Magneto or the Loch Ness Monster attack, we'll be there to stop them."

Evolution Misunderestimated

Chess Video

Thanks to daddYman for pointing out this funny video on Andrew Sullivan's blog.

Enjoyable TV

Michelle, Kimmi, and I have been watching the Dollhouse, a show on Friday on Fox by Joss Whedon - the dude behind the Firefly series and the better-known Buffy series. The Dollhouse is captivating, meaning I'm sure that Fox will cancel it as they do anything actually worth watching (well, mostly).

But to get Michelle laughing out loud, for minutes at a time, it must be the geek humor show, Important Things with Demetri Martin. I previously embedded a clip from this show - Creedocide. Well, this is the clip that made Michelle giggle for hours. "Time to go for a walk."

PG Porn

Hat tip to Therneau (the elder) for notifying me of a hilarious project. PG Porn - from the description:

PG Porn is movie director and actor James Gunn's pet project with his brothers Brian and Sean. Featuring some of hollywood’s biggest talent, it’s all about the unexpected.

It may have the P word in its title, but it's not porn. Everything is there from the awkward camera angles, horrible acting, subdued production values, and stereotypical setups, but when the moment of truth arrives it’s anyone's guess what will happen to keep things PG.

These shorts cracked me up. Stay tuned - a new one is due on Tues, March 17. No nudity - just adult themes and innuendo.

The first one was great, featuring James Gunn, the guy who came up with it:

The second one featured Nathan Fillion, of Firefly fame:

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