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Now that is just funny

Dawkins in Oklahoma

(The Scientist, not the Safety) - thanks to daddYman for alerting me to this video.

Clean Coal

The Coen Brothers make a commercial!

Harley Video

Kimmi has posted an incredibly funny Harley video. Her dog is so insane, I love him. I didn't embed it here to avoid stealing her thunder =)

Returning Home

Michelle and I are wrapping up our Duluth weekend and preparing to head back home. We have had a great time despite the crumminess of the walls in the Comfort Suites - don't think we will be staying at another one if we have better options. We could hear too much in rooms all around us throughout the night.

But the view has been beautiful. The ice cracked on the lake right out our window and we have watched as it soaked up water and has now refrozen.

Yesterday, when we were walking along the harbor, we heard a loud cracking noise and got to see a crack suddenly appear on the ice in front of us. It must now have frozen very deeply since that warming trend we had a few weeks ago.

Michelle and I woke up to this - it was a good video to kick off the day, thanks daddYman.

SNL on Phelps and Pot

Double Amen!

Kudos to Jon Stewart

Jon Stewart has taken it to Bill O'Reilly... and though pointing Blowhard Bill's hypocritical-ness is about as challenging as tripping a blind person, I thought this merited sharing.

Joss Whedon - Dollhouse

Fans of Joss Whedon (watching Firefly, people) will be excited to learn that he has a new show coming out. Check out this interview with Joss on Mother Jones. Currently, wikipedia is reporting that the show is scheduled to start in February on Friday nights.

Internet Stars are Viral

How many memes did you recognize?

Need help tracking some down? Use the Internet Meme Timeline - I suspect future lunches will send me back here to catch up.

Moved! is live on a new server. You should not notice any changes - if you do, please let me know.

As soon as I'm done moving the rest of my sites, I'll have no more excuses for not posting regularly.

Enjoy this

Mayne Street

Just had a hilarious lunch. Turns out ESPN's short farcical "Mayne Street" show is available online. I love this guy. 5 episodes so far, I watched 3 and laughed at each one. Here is the first:

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