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Quoted on MPR

Did you wake up hearing my voice on your radio? MPR ran a story this morning with a short quote from me - the story covering Duluth's desire for Google gigabit fiber.

December Reading

After spending September, October, and November shooting sports constantly and frequently editing, I was left with a massive backlog of magazines to read. So in December, I made it a priority to catch up so I could get back to reading books. Success! By the beginning of 2010, I reduced the backlog to 5 magazines! I took a photo of all the magazines, though a few in there where from Michelle.


Published a Story in Ars

I have lots of ideas for posts, but trying to get used to working after a well-needed week off.*

In the meantime, I just got published in Ars Technica - which is a pretty big deal. I think of Ars as the NY Times of the tech world. My column about broadband is here but if you want to help it get more exposure, you can digg it up here.

* I'll discuss just how relaxing that week "off" was in an upcoming post

Continuing the House Tour - Living Room Bookshelves

These are the bookshelves in our living room. Stained by Michelle and varnished by both of us - the first time we tried to classy-up our shelves. It went pretty well.

The books aren't arranged yet, so don't go looking for patterns or anything.




Continuing the House Tour

It's been awhile since we started the tour, and I thought I had already posted these, but I have learned that my brain is faulty. So - let's take a look at our kitchen... or at least our kitchen months ago. Not much has changed.

2009_8_30--house 40.jpg

2009_8_30--house 41.jpg

Support My Policy Work

Donatebutton_narrowToday is a unique day (Tuesday, Nov 17) in that if you donate to the nonprofit where I work, local foundations will cover the transaction fees and provide a matching contribution. If you have a moment and a few bucks, please make a contribution here so we can continue advocating for communities. Your contribution will go farther today than any other day.

Thank you!

My First Live Video Interview

It runs about 25-30 minutes...

If the embedded video doesn't work, try going here.

Me on TV - sorta

Hey folks, if you wanna see me in my professional capacity (as a geek, not photog), I'll be on CNET's the Real Deal this afternoon (Thurs) at 3:00 central time. This is a live video show - I'll be joining via video skype. You can pose questions via email or phone I believe - details here.

Nothing to See Here

Hey Folks - every fall, things get a little bit busier. Adding the house and Banjo in has made it that much more busy. Things are going extremely well even though I have no time to write about them. Lots of photos - this past weekend I learned a lot and got some of my finest football shots yet. Go Gophers!

Exterior House Photos

Michelle and I are totally out of the apartment, turning the keys over tomorrow.

I am finally starting to post photos of our new house - here are some shots of the exterior.

2009_8_30--house 37.jpg

2009_8_30--house 38.jpg

2009_8_30--house 39.jpg

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