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Jackson's First Month

Jackson gets serious about starting to grow into his body ... and starts to sleep through the night ... sometimes... Full gallery here. Oh! And Morgan and Kimmi dropped by...




Jackson's First Week

Jackson spent his first week meeting family, friends, doggies, and getting used to home. Full gallery here.




Jackson's First Day

Photos of Jackson's first day as a baby and not coincidentally, Michelle and my first day as parents! Full gallery here.

2015-12-02 13.21.20.jpg

2015-12-02 13.52.47.jpg



Jackson as a Meme 4

I've started posting photos to Instagram as SportShotChris.

2016 03 - I see dead people -700px.jpg

2016 03 - totally-milked-out-700px.jpg

2016 03 - camera anon -700px.jpg

With special appearance by Baby Morgan!
wanted morgan poster 700px.jpg

Jackson as a Meme 3

2016 03 - fireplace baby -700px_0.jpg

tummy time bush olc -700px_0.jpg

2016 03 - king size bed - 700px.jpg

2016 03 - pooped your bed 700px.jpg

Goooood Moooooorning Jackson!

Jackson as a Meme 2

like father like son -700.jpg

tummy time bush olc -700px.jpg

tom brady babysitter-700px.jpg

baby clothes jackson - 700px.jpg

crikey -700px.jpg

Jackson as a Meme

Been having some fun with photos of Jackson to send Michelle at least one fun photo every day now that she is back at work...


2016-02-26__jackson__0111- 700px.jpg

2016-02-24__jackson__0090- 700px.jpg

2016-02-26__jackson__0102 - 700px.jpg

Jackson's First Sleep Hug

After months of waiting, Jackson finally fell asleep in a good position for us to pose him for our own selfish fun...


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