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Merriam Park n T-Mobile

I live in the Merriam Park area of St Paul and just got my Merriam-Park Post Newsletter. T-Mobile has just put up a cell tower near a baseball diamond in Merriam Park against the wishes of a group of residents. They did eventually come to an agreement though - seems like a good one for everyone. The tower is actually replacing an existing light pole and continues to be used to light the soccer field / hockey rink depending the season.

T-Mobile paid $10,000 for installation and will pay $26,000 a year of which $12,000 will go into a special account to "improve park facilities in the Merriam Park Park and Desnoyer Park Park." I just wanted to highlight the park parks. Apparently this tower will also help the police who have been having some radio problems in the area with their GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) system. Now we will definitely remain the safest neighborhood in the Western District of St Paul. (no joke - we actually are)

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