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Other Side of Injury

I write this week of the downside of sports pain. Real injuries. Playing through cramps and being tired is one thing. Trying to play with a strained groin is another. In fact, it would see that playing with a strained groin is a really really bad idea. It hurts. And I think it will hurt for awhile. Definitely a serious strain here. Never hurt it seriously before - don't know how I avoided it, but now I know.

I played one game - forsaking my usual team who was playing an exceptionally weak team - with a team in the competitive league rostered with many Macalester grads. These are people I watched play varsity when I was on JV and after I gave up on soccer - so it was a thrill to play with them. Unfortunately, my groin problems (which I was very aware of during Lauren's fantastic pool party Saturday) became very obvious in the warm up. So I knew I was playing weak. Played hard, didn't embarrass myself, so I can't complain. But I want to rehab quickly so I can play with them again.

As I write this, Mexico has beaten Brazil 1-0. Bueno.


I just posted photos from the Macalester MIAC Conference Track Meet. Possibly my favorite photo from the bunch:

Track Runner

I may enter this in a contest. Like an idiot, I have never entered a contest and it is about time.

Love that Game

Got up early this morning, biked out to the soccer fields and played a game with my team at 9:15. We did well, I missed the twine about 7 or 8 times before I found it on a nice slow corner shot. The game was rather chill ... so Kim and I found another team to play with for the next hour. It was a little more intense, we found ourselves down a goal but were able to come back and take the lead in the end. Excellent. During this game, I chipped a ball to Kim's head in the offensive third which she bounced right back to me on a perfect line. Unfortunately, I was not able to convert, but it was one of several good chances we teamed up on.

When that game ended, I found us yet another game to jump in on. With the big boys and girls ... in the competitive league. About 1 minute into the game, I realized that these folks were at the top of the competitive league. I was tired. Dog tired. But we were playing with some talented folks and I had my riptide rush, so I was feeling good in spite of it.

In the beginning of the first half, I saw some good action at left midfield - and got quite a compliment when the guy I was d'ing up on complained that I was too fast for him. He was probably still sleeping while I was strapping on my boots that morning. I told him it probably wouldn't last long.

Despite my concerns that I should probably take it easy, I made several haphazard runs down the side for nice crosses ... on one of them, I burned two of their defenders before nutmegging the third and ripping a hard right footed shot at the near window. Got a corner which we converted to take the lead.

It wasn't long after that before my calves and one of my hammies started the minor cramping so I found a sub for a bit. The second half forced me to confront the fascination I have with playing hurt. I refuse to slow down even when totally out of energy - I figure so long as I am on the field, I have to contribute my best.

So I continued making runs and looking for passes and such although we dominated enough I didn't really have to recover on D - which was good because the last 10 minutes of the game, my both groin muscles wouldn't stop cramping. We ended up winning after I captured another assist (to our center attacker, Cristobal). Then I biked home.

I love playing after the fuel is gone. I know I'll pay for it tomorrow when I try to stand up, but knowing that I was respected on a strong team after playing 2 previous games makes me feel great. Knowing that I was able to stay composed and beat multiple defenders with my leg muscles in knots makes me feel stronger than having done it when fresh. Knocking in crosses for goals when I'm not sure I'll be able to stand afterward is a huge high. It is the limit - and after this morning, I know where it is, and I know that I have pushed it back some.

First Post!

Shadoweyes Blog is off and running. For those who are used to seeing a different, I've been meaning to set up this blog for a long time and I finally got it off the ground.

My photo galleries will be back, in late August I hope after I take some time to vacation and celebrate Russ and Lisa's wedding.

In the meantime, I plan on updating this blog from the road with my thoughts from Seattle and Hawaii. We'll see how that goes.

As for now, I'm thrilled that the Tour de France is finally over because I'll now have an extra 3 hours in each day I don't spend glued to the TV. Well done Lance - you are amazing, but my heart goes out to Voeckler who demonstrated the power of the yellow. Voeckler captured the yellow early and defied everyone by holding it for 10 days -- 3 days longer than anyone thought possible. Lance was expected, Voeckler was a pleasant surprise.

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