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Climbing on KARE

This is where Kimmi, Michelle, and I climb.

Thrivin - Not Just Surviving

I was not sure this would be a good week. I just shot the NCAA Division III National Swimming and Diving Championships at the University of Minnesota Aquatic Center. I put in a few hours on Thursday, then 13-15 hour days Wednesday - Saturday (and I'm not done yet).

The meet ended tonight but I have to get through my images and put them online for parents to purchase ASAP - every day that I delay, I'm certainly losing customers.

But the experience was great. The people working the meet were great, from the media room to the NCAA officials to all the volunteers, it was a great experience that I never imagined would be so much fun.

That said, it was a very hard week and I am crashing. I'm trying to manage the data right now... over 100GB of data - probably between 16,000 and 20,000 photos in all. Most will get deleted. I'll put up a link to the galleries when I have some time.

Swimming Photography Roundup

As I didn't really post photos throughout the season, here are some highlights from the recent meet. You can find more swimming photos at






Weekend Roundup

This was a good weekend. Friday was rough - between the politics as usual in D.C. and Saint Paul, I started out a little bummed out. But dinner with family and Garbohyrdate changed that. Then a great long poker game, in which I busted out but was convinced to buy back in and I ended up coming out a little ahead. It still would have been a good game if it ended while I was down.

Saturday, I shot tennis, men and women basketball, for Macalester - they were raising money for breast cancer research and wearing pink uniforms. Then I headed over to shoot the final bit of the Gopher Challenge swimming meet. Got some good shots and remembered to wear appropriate clothing - pants that dry quickly as I am often soaking them by wandering around on my knees.

Went to bed kinda early and slept really well. Sunday morning I got my Mac sports photos site upgraded (though I haven't unveiled it yet) and headed over to brunch with friends I haven't seen in too long. Then rushed over to battle traffic at the University of Minnesota, where women basketball was playing Iowa (which I shot) and the women hockey team was playing Wisconsin (which I would have loved to shoot also if not going on simultaneously).

Came home and finished two movies - the Bank Job (which was good) and the third Mummy movie (which was worster than I thought possible). Edited many of the sports photos, but left myself some for later. As always.

tennis photo

Any Given Sunday

What a game. I feel for Fitzgerald - he should have been MVP. He was definitely the single most valuable player on the field.

Cardinals played better than I thought they could - and definitely better than they had in the playoffs. But the Steelers were too much. What a game.

Almost Dunk Photo

I just put up some more basketball photos - and I got some more coming. This was going to be great, but the ball bounced out. Still a fun photo.

Almost a dunk

Superbowl Prediction

Steelers win. Steelers defense scores more points than the Cardinals offense.

It will be fun to watch. Fitzgerald will pull down some great catches. But in the end, Arizona is a house of Cards. Warner will fall apart after a few hits from a great Steeler defense and Leinart may even see some playing time if old man Warner gets hobbled.

Big Ben will get the job done but will get picked off once. The key is that the Steelers won't make many mistakes and the Cardinals will have many 3 and outs.

Steelers 24, Cardinals 10. And I'll be waiving my Terrible Towel and wearing my Steelers Staley jersey throughout.

Poise Defined

They called this a courageous performance, but I think the video defines poise.

Track, Hockey, and Gymnastics

What a day.

Woke up, rode the bike on a trainer for nearly an hour. Watched "The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford" (enjoyable - quite artistic style). Regained a migrain-ish headache. Not totally debilitating, but annoyingly behind the right eye as always. This week has been rough for those headaches.

But I had to get some winter sports photography in. Shot an indoor track meet at Mac - during which my headache slowly dissipated. Headed over to the Minnesota v. Duluth women's hockey game. These teams are at the top of the conference and there is a strong rivalry. Quite a game - and when the main photographer left after the second period, I got to plug into the strobes. Game went into a shootout after overtime and I got a good shot that they published with the writeup.

After the game, I wandered across the street to the men's gymnastics meet and took some photos there. I have only shot women's gymnastics once before and this was my first time for the men. Haven't even looked at them yet. But I'm just feeling good about challenging myself with new sports.

During the first hockey game I commented to Eric, the main photographer who graces me with tips all the time, that I thought it was hard to follow the puck on TV. It gets easier with practice I guess.

Came home, dumped photos on the laptop, started reinstalling the old laptop for my parents and watched "Meet Bill," which I found quite enjoyable. It was kooky - but refreshing.

Now, on to bed. I think I'll take tomorrow off from photography. Was considering doing the U women basketball game, but I should get some things done as Superbowl weekend is going to be a blur of shooting and family time.

Bye Bye McNabb

I hope I have just watched McNabb in an Eagles jersey for the last time. I'll miss him, because I truly love him as a quarterback in the regular season. I think he was one of the best semi-elite quarterbacks. Elite quarterbacks find a way to win. Semi-elite quarterbacks find a way to get the team to the big game, but then fold if it is in their hands.

Eagles need to rebuild - too many older players. Time to start with a new quarterback.

Watching the Steelers/Ravens game now - but I think either would kill Arizona in the Superbowl. The Cardinals got there by playing teams that fell apart under pressure. I have seen nothing to suggest that Arizona can actually win if the other team does not just hand the game to them.

The Eagles did this with McNabb's inaccurate passes and his one great first half pass to Greg Lewis which he promptly dropped. I don't know why Greg Lewis is still an Eagle, I figure he must be paying pro bono cuz he sure isn't pro material.

So it goes. Looking forward to the Steelers winning the Superbowl. Driving home from Michelle's parents on Monday morning.

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