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Ironman Photos

I have just posted photos from the Madison Ironman - where Kimmi, Laura, and Rachel whooped ass. Well done!



Congrats Kimmi

Kimmi is now an Ironman. We watched her kick some serious ass as she took 15 hours and nearly 22 minutes to swim 2.4 miles, bike 112 miles, and run a marathon at 26.2 miles. Unreal. Way to go kiddo!

TnT Biking Photos

Photo of Miss Kimmi biking with TnT and a few other folks training for their triathlons. The whole gallery is available here.


Rugby Photos

A few weeks ago, I shot a rugby match for the first time. Learned quite a bit about how it all works - mostly just by watching. I'll have to try again next year when Mac's team is playing again and I can devote more time to getting good shots.

Until then, I'm posting these rugby photos.

Rugby photo

Macalester Baseball Photos

I usually try to get out to at least three baseball games each spring - but this spring had horrible weather. Nonetheless, I did find a great day to take photos of Mac sweeping Carleton in a doubleheader.



Macalester Women Tennis Photos


Last night, I shot the Macalester Sports Banquet. Usually I just got a lot of candids and then shots of people who have won awards and speakers, that sort of thing. However, they had a surprise for me last night - I actually received an award!

It came as quite a surprise - the award was for Service to the Department - and they gave me a great mid-weight spring jacket that has MAC Athletics on it as well as gift certificate to a local camera store. I am very honored to have been recognized - especially by the folks who gave me my start. Without the Mac athletic department, I don't even know if I would be doing photography beyond the occasional travel photos.

After the Ride

Michelle and I attempted the 100 mile Lakeville Ironman bike ride today. Michelle has a roundup of her experience. It was cold and eventually snowy/rainy. Breezy out of the Southwest, which sucked as the first 40 miles went right into it on rolling hills.

We could have tried a shorter route and stuck with Kris Scheid, but we felt ambitious and went for the full bodega. Started a bit after 7:00. Rest stops at 23 miles and 33 or so. At 35 miles, Michelle was really struggling (this was as we faced a tough wind, doing some 7mph up hills). So she decided to hit the sag wagon, which was disappointing but she clearly needed to rest.

I pushed on and barely picked up the pace as the wind got more brutal. Finally, around mile 40, the course headed west and we got the wind at our back. At mile 54 we got the next rest stop. I wasn't feeling great, but decided to push ahead for the next one which was only 11 miles down the road.

The tops of hills were killing me, but I was often hitting 20mph on straightaways and downhills. But the horizon showed dark dark clouds coming from the Southwest. At the next stop, I took a long waited bathroom break and started feeling better. Michelle was nearly back at the start by now (sag wagons make lots of stops).

I started getting back on the bike, and stared at the clouds. I was contemplating it when I overheard another guy say, "Put on your rain gear now or you may regret it." It was cold, my bike was just overhauled and I didn't want to get it all nasty on the first ride back so I decided to abandon. Put my ride in the wagon and talked with some of the other soft folks. 5 minutes later it started raining. 20 minutes later it started snowing. I feel good about the decision.

This was my second structured ride (Mpls was the first) and I hope to do a lot more. I enjoy riding in large groups of people with mechanics on call and food breaks. Riding with Michelle is also lots of fun even though she gets mad at me every time!


I just published some photos of Macalester Track and Field athletes at a recent meet at Hamline. Unfortunately, I could not stay for long, but I got some good stuff from the throwers.



HRC Pulls for Memphis

This is hilarious - I guess Hillary has given up on Kansas and is trying to court Elvis fans instead by arguing Memphis should be declared the victor.

In a move that's sure to be seen as controversial, Hillary has contacted the NCAA Board of Directors to argue that Memphis is actually better qualified to be National Champion.

Ms. Clinton stated that Memphis, while losing the game, had actually shown more ability to act like a National Champion on Day One. She argued that Memphis had passed every test during the game, including scoring more points than Kansas for 38 minutes. For 38 minutes they had shown the experience necessary to be National Champion. "Just because some team comes along in the last minute and scores more points than the other guy doesn't mean they're necessarily able to be National Champion on Day One."

Read the rest.

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