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Swimming Photos

I took a bunch of photos of Macalester Swimming for the 2007-8 season.


Basketball Madness

I started a yahoo group for anyone on the blog who wants to fill out a bracket and see if they can beat me =) feel free to join my group. The group is shadoweyes, as is the password. You will need a Yahoo account to sign up.

Sign up before games start on Thursday! If there is interest, we could come up with a prize of some sort.

For those wondering if they can choose teams on the basis of academics, there is a story looking at the academics of the teams. I'm glad to say that UNC is doing way better than most - and is the best of the top 4 seeds! In fact, they appear to be beating Duke in the grad rate now, which is a change from previous years.

Macalester Basketball v. St. Olaf

Mac lost a doubleheader to St. Olaf on Saturday, Feb 9. As has been usual for the games Mac loses lately, I was there to take photos of it. I think I might be a bad luck charm. I hope that does not carry over today when I shoot the Women Gophers basketball game. Photos from the Mac basketball game. Many of the photos show people wearing a pink shirt in honor of Think Pink Day to raise awareness about breast cancer.

Basketball Photo

Basketball Photo

Basketball Photo

Basketball Photo

Perfect, my ass

Quoth Brady (in response to a Burress prediction of 24-17 Giant Victory prior to the game):

"We're only going to score 17 points?" a surprised Brady said Wednesday. "OK. Is Plax playing defense? I wish he had said 45-42 and gave us a little credit for scoring more points."

Eat it Brady, eat it long, eat it hard. Guess the Patriots didn't have enough time to hide video cameras around the field.

I am happy to say I only caught a few plays. We played poker through most of the game while listening to tunes. I'm not sure who is a worse Superbowl quarterback - Eli nearly-throw-two-interceptions-in-the-last-drive Manning or Brad seriously-this-guy-has-a-ring Johnson. But I'm glad I didn't actually waste my time watching this one.

Go Eagles.

Women Basketball v. Carlton

A strong Carlton squad defeated Macalester and I was there to capture it. The photos are posted here.



Superbowl 2008

I cannot believe I wasted Sunday watching football. There are some games where you think, I'm glad I watched ... sure, my team didn't win, but it was an exciting contest. Neither of the games on Sunday felt that way.

I generally hate the Giants more than any other team (go Eagles) but this year, I hate the Patriots more than any other team. It really pisses me off that the same year the Patriots were caught cheating and received the harshest penalty the NFL has ever handed out, they are being branded the best team of all time.

Screw that. I could have rooted for Dallas to win the Superbowl (our other main rival). I would have cheered for Romo while jeering T.O., but I could have done it. I cannot cheer for Eli and that cheeseball coach of theirs (who appeared to get some nasty wind burn on Sunday ... what a pity).

So James and I came up with a plan that Kim, Michelle, and Autumn seem to like. I think we will get together on Superbowl Sunday and watch football movies. I don't think we will miss much - especially as the ads have been lame ever since the dotcom bust.

Screw the Superbowl. Screw the Patriots. I'm done with football until August.

Basketball Photos

On January 7, Macalester lost both games of a basketball doubleheader (men and women) but I still got some photos which are now online. I hope this is my last year with nasty, grainy indoor photos. Next year, I hope to be both using a better camera and strobes.




Swimming Photos

After taking a break from editing sports photos (and actually getting some personal editing done!), I have now posted some Swimming photos from Macalester in November of 2007. Two meets, one at St. Kates and one at the University of Minnesota - hosted by River Falls.

This first photo was nearly perfect but I shot from too low with the swimming so close to the near lane divider. I still like it though.




Soccer Days

And sometimes, I just really miss being able to play soccer...

The Big House

Last Saturday, I shot my first Big Ten football game that wasn't in the Metrodome. The Gophers asked me to travel with the team to take photos as they challenged Michigan for the Little Brown Jug.

The photo below would have been a perfect description of the game if the Gophers could have put some offensive points on the board. In the first half, Minnesota played strong defense - forcing a fumble and recovering a different fumble for a touchdown. I just love the shot below as the QB reaches for the ball.

Shooting in the Big House was interesting - some 110,000 people watching in the largest football stadium in the U.S. It was cold and rainy at times. But in the end, it was a football game and I got some good photos. I did not recognize most of the photographers their, but I bet I would recognize their names. This is Big Ten Football!

After the game, we avoided the post-game massive traffic jam thanks to a police escort of our coach buses and headed to the airport - private security line in a hanger and onto the plane for us. For me, that means cramped photo editing in a 757 where I cannot fully open the laptop because it is too honkin-big for the dang seat. Woof.

Michigan Fumble

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