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Sometimes you just gotta let loose


What a day. Started off with a 21 mile bike ride with Kim. Started by watching an SUV trying to run a biker off Summit Ave. What? Seriously? Some fat middle aged jackass honking and going all crazy after the biker clearly signaled a left turn. I really wanted to key the SUV when I pulled up next to him at the next light.

Get to work to deal with all kinds of annoyances. I'm really really tired of passive aggressive crap from jerks who clearly don't have the cojones to ask a question. They would rather stand next to the retail clerk and complain about this or that - purposefully in earshot of the clerk but not engaging him/her.

What does it take to be pleasant?? Jesus, from a standpoint of pure GREED (I like how this sentence is starting) you would think that people would realize it is more effective to be nice than annoying. And when you are a short, fat, disagreeable woman who clearly has no idea how to do anything on her own, you need all the help you can get.

I've long held that fake civility is worse than rudeness. Why is real civility so hard? Can't you tell that the people around you either having a good day which you should not shit on or are having a bad day and you sure as hell don't need to pile it on for 'em. We've all been there and most of us get cheered up when someone is unexpectedly kind.

I'm really tired of people not being able to help themselves and blaming everyone around them if they can't figure something out.

On top of that, there are a couple of jackasses who sit outside Tiffany's Sports Bar (they have patio tables on the sidewalk for summer) and make annoying comments at my female coworkers when they walk by. Damn near every day.

I really want to do something to 1) punish these boys 2) get them to stop 3) both, but if not, I'll take option 1. Of course, they are looking for Kate to respond so they can call her a dyke or make some other witty remark. I've suggested the women should get the guys to buy them a drink and either enjoy it, or dump it in their lap before telling them they are suckers. Or getting water balloons, water guns, something and aiming for the crotch. Or maybe Adam and I should try to intimidate them ... baring that, perhaps I should just try out my ideas about hitting / punching / slapping to modify behavior.

I'm not sure how much of this is about avenging the women who deal with this shit all too often and how much of it is just about me being pissed off that guys like that make my life as a decent guy more difficult. My fantasty actions are more about avenging my friends and I who have to wade through suspicions whenever we strike up a conversation with a woman because of juvenile pricks like those guys.

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