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Thoughts and reflections on trips I have taken, from across the planet to across the state.

Hiking in Lynden

Getting ready to go out on a hike. Took a quick run this morning on an interesting, rocky trail near the lake across the street from where I am staying. Once again, I continue the trend of getting more exercise while on vacation than while at home. I hope this continues in Hawaii where I will rent a nice mountain bike.

Staying with Orf has been great - but the next time I post, it will likely be from Hawaii. Monday morning we are on our way.

Lynden to Redmond

Took the train from Lynden - on the Canada border, north of Seattle - to Seattle this morning. Andrea, Aunt Dawn, and I got picked up by Steff who I knew from the bookstore I work at. Saw Pike's Place Market. Crazy fish throwers - quite entertaining. They flung a giant squid at a girl who screamed and took off - quite funny for everyone. Even the girl came back laughing.

Lunch at the Spaghetti Factory - good food for good prices. Orf, old friend from high school, met up with us after and we left Aunt Dawn to head back to Lynden before we continued on to Redmond where we will be until Monday when we leave for Hawaii.

Walked around Redmond tonight - saw the Town Center, which was a nice outdoor mall. Dropped by the Half Price Books to look for a few treasures in the heat - no air conditioning? Better to walk back to Orf's and swim.

I'm nearly finished with Carl Hiaasen's Double Whammy which was his first fiction book. Excellent stuff - good to learn more about Skink and Jim Tile. If you like mystery - thriller type books, then I highly encourage you to read all of Hiaasen's fiction. Then check out Dave Barry's two fiction books also.

Mt Baker is HUGE

Wow. Aunt Dawn took Andrea and I up to Mt Baker today. It was mid 70's and Andrea got to go sledding! Still got lots of ice at 5000 feet at a peak near Mt Baker in Cascade mountain rage. Got some photos, but none with a digital camera. Apparently snow is common around these glaciers - who knew?

Had a good day - got up and ran which justified a trip to the local Dutch Bakery which Dawn insists is the best. Can't argue there. From there, went to Mt Baker and a good restaraunt in Glacier - the city at the base of the approach.

Other fun things: read a few books in the past couple of days. Ishmael by Daniel Quinn was excellent. Read that, then read the Story of B. Fever Pitch by Nick Hornby sucked unless you want a history of Arsenal futbol over the past 30 years. I didn't. Life of Pi by Yann Martel was excellent until the ending which blew. So a little bit of everything in there.

On to Lynden

Vacation is upon me...departed Tuesday night from St Paul on the amtrak and arrived in Seattle Thursday morning. Second time on the Empire Builder route - I still like it. Saw a little black bear wandering the tracks by Glacier National Park - looking for a freight to hop perhaps.

In Seattle I realized that all Greyhound stations are built to hold 1/3 as many people as will be inside during non-rush hours. Seriously - I have yet to have a bad experience on a greyhound bus. All bad experiences occur waiting to board.

Met some cool folks aboard, one from my little corner of St Paul and who had a lake house just south of Andrea's (my girl-friend) hometown. He helped us figure out what bus was right for us.

Then on to Lynden - just south of Canada border near Bellingham Washington. Nice place, good ice cream. Time for some sleep soon after nearly 48 hours of travel.

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