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Thoughts and reflections on trips I have taken, from across the planet to across the state.

Raleigh-Durham Hilton

I'm traveling for work currently - flew out of MN this morning at 7:00 am and arrived in Charlotte 2.5 hours later. Drove up to a small city in Virginia for a long meeting with folks setting up a broadband network. Very much worth it.

Drove down to the Research Triangle here (too close to Duke for comfort) and grabbed my room. I'm thinking I should start working on my comments for a presentation tomorrow. Maybe soon...

I'll be flying back home on Thursday and I'm looking forward to it. I'm missing some great weather! Although the weather down here is great. I'm enjoying driving around North Carolina and Virginia. Lots of trees. And more trees. All kinds of colors - lots of greens already and some purple flowering things. Brilliant blue skies.

Zion National Park

More photos from that vacation two years ago - photos from Zion National Park.



Two years ago, Kimmi and I traveled with Sara to the Southwest for a quick vacation over New Year's. We spent a night and morning in Bryce Canyon National Park. I'm finally getting those photos processed. Some were already up, but now I got our Bryce photos online.

It is funny looking back at how much I have learned about photography since them. I'm rather unsatisfied with many of the photos.


Oregon Summer Photos Completed

I spent the summer of 2006 in Oregon and I finally finished editing and posting photos from there. The last gallery - a hike to Wahtum Lake in the Columbia Gorge - is now available.



Cabin Weekend

Michelle and I spent the weekend up at Gina & Perry's cabin with a bunch of friends. It was a good time - with some Poker, Taboo, Catchphrase, Guitar Hero, crazy Wii Bunny games, lots of talking, and wishing Rane was there to loudly argue with.

I got some photos - they might be posted this week. Thanks to Gina and Perry for a fun weekend!



YMCA Tanzania Photos

After John, Russ, and I returned from the mountain, we spent the rest of the day at the YMCA in Moshi. John and I relaxed in the pool whereas Russ stood aloofly by took photos. Good times.

Flippin' off the board

Tanzania Photos - More

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone - especially Russ and Lisa who have finished their stint in the Peace Corps and are taking some time to travel before returning to Hawaii for Christmas.

After months of focusing on sports photography, I have finally posted more photos from my trip to visit Russ and Lisa in Africa. These photos are from Russ and Lisa's village in Tanzania - Mpwapwa. I posted this photo of Lisa months ago, but I loved it so much I wanted to bring it out again.


In Michigan

Bloggin from the road.

I finally got the nod and am traveling with the Gopher football program. Left for Michigan today - playing the Wolverines in The Big House. Security on the U campus by TSA and a police escort for the 4 buses (2 for the 70 players traveling, one for admin staff, and one for media and the other who get to come - in this case, that includes the Regents).

We drove all around the campus before hopping on 55 and going to the airport. Right out on the Tarmac and on the plane from the bus. Nice.

Short flight, crowded 757. But food, drinks, and flight attendants wearing Gopher gear. Also, a charter flight ... which apparently means you don't have to put your seats and tray tables up. It is a whole different experience.

Sitting in a nice hotel (with a slow wired network - sigh) near the airport. Dinner soon, then perhaps a movie... breakfast tomorrow, football, then flying home immediately. This is pretty exciting, I just hope to get good photos and not lose any gear since I have too many frigging bags between camera stuff and laptop bag and clothes.

Oh yeah, and NO RAIN TOMORROW, please!!! My only outdoor football game to shoot in Div 1, let it be DRY!!!


I made it home! Now to take care of getting those pesky photos processed...

Airport Today

I'm leaving Tanzania in a few hours. Cannot wait to get home and see the family and Michelle! I'll be home by Sunday night. Ciao.

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