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Charlie Parr

I was checking out an Eclectone Records show at the Turf Club the other night in St Paul and listen to this Charlie Parr guy. Amazing. Guitar picking - folk guitar. Great songs. Man with a washboard at his side. I picked up his album "Rooster" and have to highly recommend it.

I have not been able to process the images from that night yet, but I do have this one.

Charlie Parr

I anticipate thin, non-substantive posts this week as I hit crunch time at the end of the semester...

Also, a happy birthday to Aunt Cheryl today and a very happy 30th anniversary for my parents!

Long Jump

I got some great shots at the Macalester Twilight Track Meet last Wednesday. Hoping to get some editing in soon. Until then, enjoy this one: Tim Burns on long jump.

Tim Burns


When I start to get really stressed with work and life, I love getting back to the photo backlog and clearing out some photos gathering e-dust. Thus, 10 months after capturing them, I have posted photos from an old Pocahontas County show.


I finally have had the time to start editing my southwest vacation photos. I have just posted a new album of photos from Arches National Park. Some of these were posted before and some are new. All are more thoroughly touched up.


Enjoying my spring break, I have been going through older photos. I have just posted the Mitchell Christmas photos and a number of other photos from the past several months. I took a number of photos at Gina's cabin but it looks like I lost them when transfering from the camera to 'puter. Stupid mistake from being unfamiliar with my mum's digital camera. Doh.

Update: In order to compete with Klinkette's blog, I decided to put a few dog photos up.

Bitzi Buster, professional dog modelKim n Harlington n Stitch


I finally finished the digital photos from Klinks' wedding! Now I just have to scan a few in and call it a finished project.

Klinker Wedding Photos

I posted more photos from Eric and Chanda's very Klinker wedding. I still have the many, many photos from the reception to go through.

Next comes bed

I'm sitting in front of my computer, listening to my bed calling me. After 3 weeks of infidelity, I return to my ugly neon green cotton sheets. The key word there is "MY." Sleeping in my own bed - the only pleasure I was denied on vacation. Not anymore. You ever try sleeping in a coach seat on a train? Easier than on a plane, but you spend 10x longer on the train, so it all evens out.

I worked my full shift at the bookstore, had dinner with my sister, Andrea, and Adam and watched The Daily Show. Unpacked and figured out my finances (spent more than I thought, but within acceptable limits). Hanging out with Kim was great - even though she beat me in Sorry! I hope that we both live in the same city soon - whichever city that may be.

Now I am contemplating how early to get up for a morning bike ride or run to start working off the vacation flub and such. Still have some unpacking to do, laundry, and hit the grocery store before I return to a fully normal life.

Vacation aftermath - all the above and watching your vacation bill total soar as you add in film expenses. You have to pay to enjoy thoes memories! I dropped off 10 color vacation rolls of 36 exposure rolls, 1 roll of B & W (from the reception) 36 exposure roll, and several rolls of semi-pro soccer I shot before vacation. Will have the negatives made and cut, but not printed. Cost is about 1.85 per roll. The B & W's will get printed with doubles as it takes longer - few places do B & W in house, almost all ship it out. Then over the next few weeks I'll be scanning them in and slowing adding them to my web site.

Don't hold your breath. As for me, I'm going to sleep. In the next few days, this blog will turn into more a political commentary / random rant and joke zone. Until my next vacation.

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